Aims to provide quality Fire Safety Products and Services to the Saudi Arabian market and sustain a sense of security and safety that every person deserves.

Saudi Sicli Company was established in 1979, with the Head Office located at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). Saudi Sicli takes pride in the fact that we are a one hundred (100%) percent Saudi Arabian-owned company.

Our Headquarters and Factory are based in the Western Region at Jeddah Industrial City, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have fully operational branches in Madinah, Tabuk, and Najran and remote offices located in the Makkah area.

Saudi Sicli is a leading manufacturer of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East. Saudi Sicli specializes in the Design, Installation, Operations and Maintenance of Fire Fighting, Fire Extinguishing, and Fire Detection systems and Equipment. Also, the company provides Burglar and Security Systems.

The company evolved from activities started in the mid-seventies by professionals in the field of Fire Fighting. Since its establishment in 1979, Saudi Sicli has grown to be one of the largest and most professional companies in the Arabian Fire Safety industry. Excellent Customer Service and our Commitment to Partnerships with both small and large companies is the reason behind Saudi Sicli’s success. We have employed experienced Engineers to design your most complex Fire safety requirements.

Our dedicated management and staff of professional Engineers and Technicians strive to deliver distinctive services to satisfy the different needs of our customers with utmost dedication.

We have also established a set of Quality Assurance programs to comply with and be a certified ISO 9001:2015 standard in place of Engineering and Manufacturing firm as an integral part of Quality Management System.

The organization is committed to pursuing the objectives of excellence by continuously improving its QHSE-centered performance at every level of operation (The Health & Safety Management System notably complies with OH & S management system ISO 45001:2018 standards and the Environment Management System complies with ISO 14001:2015 standards).

At Saudi Sicli Company, we are steadily developing our capabilities to keep pace with the needs and demands of the market.

Saudi Sicli intends to be the leading Fire Safety solutions and Equipment provider by exceeding customer expectations through superior service delivery, innovation and commitment to safeguarding our clients, employees, customers, and their livelihoods. We are obliged to maintain an outstanding company with impeccable credentials and first-rate service where people matter and our customers are proud to be associated with.

Our company’s main thrust is the delivery of Fire Safety Services to our client's premises and facilities. Our services are conducted by highly qualified and experienced Fire Safety professionals holding industry-recognized Fire Safety qualifications. Our goal is to provide unparalleled service and expertise on all fire safety-related matters.

Today, we specialize in:

  • Fire Protection Equipment Manufacturing.
  • Fire Rescue and Firefighting Services.
  • Fire Protection Equipment and Systems.
  • Contracting and Trading.
  • Security Systems and Services.
  • Building Management Systems.